I am grateful for your interest in my first mixtape. As a supporter you are my rain and sun that keeps my music blossoming! I harvest my creativity like a farmer, with love, and it comes from my personal roots. 

Thank you.- MIRRAH

Mixed by Dj MK-1 (Digital download only available now) https://mirrah.bandcamp.com/releases

Purchases are protected by PAYPAL available : 1 hour of fun music Only $15.

 As an Independent artist, it’s so wonderful to receive loving support by each of you and to add the financial support will DONATE towards my First E.P launching October 16th.

REFLECT-I-ON  Playlist Mixed by Dj MK-1

Producer Credit: Buckwheat, Marc Kinchen, Byron Hill aka Boogie Man, Micheal Angelo, Chemin, Aaron G, DJ Eko, Keys, Rhythm, DJ Mizzy, Jon Jon, DJ Shareal, D Wood & ZIG Parker. Writer Credits: MIRRAH / ZIG Parker 

Behind story: This was my first mixtape made by DJ MK-1. As a great friend and fellow bandmate he was tired that no one knew my musical creations. So he invested and bulk bought physical CD’s 6 years ago and got a graphic designer to make the cover and pressed them and hand delivered a full box to me and said with eagerness  ‘here take these, I have made a mixtape of my favourite past songs of yours and made 100 physical copies, now can you please make the world know who you are!’ I stood there in awe and felt so blissed to have a supportive friend push me with belief. Thanks fam! 

So this is the reflections I had stored in my home studio of creativity. May you enjoy it and get to know my first vibe before my first EP LIFE comes out to be launched in October 16th 2016. 

The Wait Is…(Nearly) Over!!!

Greenroom Sydney presents Mirrah “Life” EP to drop October 16th. 

Pre-Order for CD (Physical Copy) now available for purchase: http://www.greenroomsydney.com.au/shop

 “A Garden created with imagination, love & care is not a selfish endevour for such delight can be shared by all -Alex Gardiner

 LIFE: Live. Intentionally. Forever.Evolve                      


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