A fun morning on Like A Version with JUSTAGENT

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Well, what a day ! Vocal warm ups to then catch train to Triple J ABC STUDIOS. To meet up with the crew and then have fun sharing the platform featuring with JUSTAGENT on his first Like a Version performance.

I first heard about the FUN performance via L-FRESH The LION. Week before ‘L’ shared I wrote a verse for a feature.

He let me hear it and I was like ‘ DOPE’ this is a positive reminder of his fire or introducing new people to his lyrical vibes especially as he is on tour at present with his band team and special guests starting this weekend in Perth and Freo.

Then a week later I received a call inviting me to be apart of it, as backing vocalist for talented hard working female Sydney vocalist THANDI aka Thandiwe Pheonix and L-FRESH The LION. I was like ‘uhhhh yeyer’ ( no brainer) also to meet and be apart of Justagents project. Thank you Summanagement.

I really rate Thandi and her band! Love their movements! Check her out and hope you may continue to support her. 

Thandi Instagram 

Very honoured to be thought of and counted as a vocalist. It’s all new to me and learning to harmonise to two fellow music peers and work with an up and rising Electronic Artist is what I do music for. 

Fun performances to come every Friday and Saturday night through out Aug-Sept. Join our exciting ventures to go forth to airport to then travel to tour for BECOME Tour.

Press for link: TIX AVAILABLE for tours

Tonight Freo: Odd Fellow L-FRESH The LION

Much peace from Mirrah & L-FRESH The LION

Live performance footage here: LIKE A VERSION- JUSTAGENT feat. Thandi & L-FRESH The LION and Mirrah

Photo: Sally (Violinist) James (Double Bass) Hannah (cello) , Mirrah, L-FRESH The LION, JUSTAGENT, Thandi, Lanks with Matt & Alex on Triple J Like A Version.

Polite reminder that I’m SOON releasing my solo E.P called LIFE. Will let you know the date! SOON COME!! -Mirrah 


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