The fun is about to begin on L-FRESH The LION’s BECOME Album Tour with guests.

Wow; it’s been 4 years now together I have had the pleasure with hard work ethics rehearsing & performing Nationally in Australia with musical band peer​s L-FRESH The LION, Clinton, Duane,  Chris & Mk-1.

The team that L-FRESH The LION personally chooses to perform or work with has such a family feel. Each talent has a colourful personality with wit and an individual passion that resonates music to great heights. Introducing Michael McGlynn of Vienna Peoples Studio; a musical force that exits music and talent through his pores for many years, has been producing for ‘L’ now for two albums such as “One” & “Become” not only is he the added spice to the musical path but a great peer who has great wisdom to share to create a great musical project. He also has performed live for several performances and adds an amazing energy and lifts the musical vibe live to sound just as great or better than what he’s produced and engineered on both Albums.

Performance on ABC Radio National Feat. MK-1, Michael McGlynn & Mirrah 
We have had the pleasure in our past BV’s    (Backing Vocalists) to work alongside talents such a vocal talents Ofisa Toleafoa (Tee) who then left in 2014 to trial and achieved great admiration for his vocals on The X Factor Australia.

To then working with BV (Backing Vocalist) not only an amazing, vocalist who also played keys in our band Kimberly Aviso, but also shared a wonderful warm and silly persona who complimented our band family’s foundation of what we enbody together as a group. Kimberly Aviso has recently just left the group to endeavour her own amazing business ventures.(we look forward when ever she wishes to come back)

We also have had the pleasure and honour to have perform with us on Triple J’s Like a Version with guest Australian pioneer talent such as DJ A.S.K; and tour with us for awesome festival events such as Queenscliff & The Plot talented respected Bass player Dale Harrison of The Herd; Elefant Traks. 


Like A Version: L-FRESH The LION
Dale Harrison performing with us at The Plot

Another great talent and persona who has graced us with their talents is DJ Diola a talented Turntabilist who has blossomed in the Australian scene. Not only does Diola have talent but so much passion to promote/ advocate for the hard working Australian local music scene for creative Artists. 

Luckily during our first GOLD COAST performance DJ DIOLA is joining us by djaying L-FRESH The LION set with MIRRAH at Miami Marketta on Sunday 14th August.

Then the full BECOME TOUR starts with talented wordplay guests as opening acts Omar Musa; an award-winning author, poet and rapper from Queanbeyan, New South Wales, Australia & Spoken word Poet who recently just opened people’s ears and awareness to Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa on Australia’s Got Talent. 

Get Ready to have Fun and come join the party!  



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