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“Words by Hannah Lally

“With twelve shows of his national tour still to go, Sydney rapper L-Fresh and his team featuring DJ MK-1 and MC Mirrah powered through their set with iconic, infectious energy.
L-FRESH’s passion was perfectly backed by his crew, as Mirrah’s hype lit up the stage with huge energy, bounding, dancing and electrifying the whole crowd. Clearly radiating his band’s and crowd’s excitement, L-FRESH’s glowing positivity and deeply personal social commentary made this show a privilege to experience.”

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Lauren Noble on June 27, 2016 at 2:02 pm Photo credit by #LindaDunjey

DJ MK-1 prepped the now larger, louder crowd while Mirrah, neo-soul vocalist and all round sunshine-bear enlarged the collective smile of the audience in preparation for the arrival of L-Fresh the Lion.

As stated by L-Fresh, his ‘job’ as support artist was to lift the energy of the room and he did just that. Arms flailed, feet bounced – helped along by the infectious jubilance of Mirrah. After tributes to his home-state Punjab and the women in his life, the humble hip-hopper finished with Get Mineand 1 in 100,000, leaving ear-to-ear smiles and big shoes to fill.

Urthy brought back on stage all support acts for the final songs, including L-Fresh for the roof-raising The Signal, where all six performers plus DJ managed to bounce on stage in perfect time, and Okenyo and Mirrah alone for Second Heartbeat.

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2. Article: Writer: Chris Palmer July 21st 2016

Photo by: Chris Woe

Mirrah really is everywhere. With Indonesian and African American heritage, and living between Los Angeles and Sydney, its easy to see the artistic reach that Mirrah has within her. 

Channeling Hip-Hop & Neo-Soul legends like Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu and merging it with the fierce tenacity of Nicki Minaj and Missy Elliott, she is a perfect blend between hype hip-hop and conscious rap.
Photo by Zulu Mk-1

Currently she is collaborating with our very own L-Fresh The Lion, as well as appearing on his track ‘Takeover’. 

About to drop a new EP in the coming months, Mirrah is well on her way to becoming a staple of the Australian rap scene. 

Photo by Jen Ng

She was also present during Urthboy’s The Past Beats Inside Me Like A Second Heartbeat tour and wowed fans with her skills and energy.

Photo by Mickrad

3. Article: Maxine Johns February 29th 2016

Mirrah encapsulates the very essence of what it means to be multi-faceted and multi-talented. She calls Australia her adoptive home, and is proud of her multi-cultural background and beginnings. Yet, this humble but fiercely passionate rapper, performer, writer, radio personality, mentor and humanitarian holds her ground on an international stage that has seen her perform alongside some of hip-hop’s most iconic names. 

Photo by Michelle G. Hunder 

Mirrah is a woman whose mission in life is to create music and a dialogue that stretches beyond society’s definition, to inspire urban youth all over the world to seek their own path through music and to be an original in all she does. Last year she dropped the powerful single Wassup, and is gearing up to drop an EP this year under Green Room Sydney Studios. 

Touring as hype woman and cherished member of L-FRESH The Lion’s band, Mirrah is a quintessential artist, focused on not only empowering fellow women in hip-hop, but on creating music that is positive in sound, delivery and message, ensuring the youth of our community have strong female role models to look up to in this industry.


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