MIRRAH MUSIC available here 😀


Mixed by Dj MK-1 Digital download 

You may listen first and Purchase via: http://mirrah.bandcamp.com/releases

 “A Garden created with imagination, love & care is not a selfish endevour for such delight can be shared by all”-Alex Gardiner

First; I would love to share a HUGE Thank YOU to all who bought my collector personally signed Hard Copy CD of my first long overdue REFLECT-I-ON Mixtape. My music NOW is only available to be purchased from here now for a digital download only.During live shows I sell hard copy signed CD’s for $10 only. 

As an Independent artist, it’s so wonderful to receive loving support by each of you and to add the financial support will DONATE towards my First E.P 2016. 

PAYPAL available : Only $15 http://mirrah.bandcamp.com/releases 

REFLECT-I-ON Playlist Mixed by Dj MK-1: Producer Credit: Buckwheat, Marc Kinchen, Byron Hill aka Boogie Man, Micheal Angelo, Chemin, Aaron G, DJ Eko, Keys, Rhythm, DJ Mizzy, Jon Jon, DJ Shareal, D Wood & ZIG ParkerWriters Credits: ZIG Parker & MIRRAH   

PLEASE EMAIL ME on: mirrahmusic​@​gmail​.​com​ 

I am grateful for my mixtape purchase interest! As a supporter you are my rain and sun that keeps my music blossoming! I harvest my creativity like a farmer, with love, and it comes from my personal roots Thank you.- MIRRAH


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