SOooooooo, like this happened yesterday in Sydney. SOULPOWER!!!!!!!!!

Press link to view Footage:
SOUL POWER is put on by fellow music lovers for the people by the people of Sydney and Melbourne.  
3PM TODAY TILL LATE free event


Belleville, Globe Alley City

May MELBOURNE today have a wonderful SOULPOWER DAY EVENT with @mzrizk and fam! ❤️ #peaceunityloveandhavingfun

Yesssssss! SOULPOWER so happened yesterday, it wasn’t a fantasy…. It was soulfully spectacular in SYDNEY.This event was to humbly remind all of us of our inner city backyard DJ’s, vocal artists and promoters who put on smaller events which are successful and full of Soul all the time and have for many years.

 The day started with sunshine beaming through my bedroom window, & I knew then that this day was going to be a Sol powered day for SOULPOWER!   

DJ C-MAN started the day from 12pm with great tunes to then Josie Styles whilst the supportive fellow lovers of music rolled in like mellowing waves, sparkling to splash refreshing water on a perfect summers day at the beach. Each person entered with a curious, adventurous grin with eyes wondering around with ‘yes this is so happening’.  

This event was arranged in 5 days. Through hard work behind scenes and to then utilising social media, this event was humbly and gratefully spectacular. Thank you to all media support who passed on our message to have a day to stay cheerful with music.  

I had such a wonderful time hosting & performing and supporting a day where each of us came together to become soul mates in Sydney.   

It was great to meet overseas people who flew over for the cancelled festival and shared how they have had the most positive greatest day, and was grateful that this event was arranged. 
May we each continue this resonating collective support as a community for many more individual and collective local Soul and HipHop events in our near future. The only way to rise and lift our music, poetry and creative arts scene is to be how we were at SOUL POWER. 

It proved to all in our Sydney music scene that Sydney has a resonating music community. It’s been here forever, and this event reminded me of the great block, warehouse 90’s Soul, HipHop House parties that would sprinkle its goodness.

The soul community  showed up and out yesterday at The Vic on the Park Hotel proving that when we can come together, it can work!

Huge Thank you BIG FIST PUMPS & HUGS to: @shanfrenzie @funkdafiedevents @soulofsydney @thegroovedealers @behindthefront for making this happen! 

Huge thank you to each DJ’s JOSIE STYLES, C-MAN, THOMAS CROWN, JC, GRAHAM MANDROULES, MK-1, MAKOTO,ADVERSE, TREY, & FRENZIE! To the wonderful entertainers who we all were introduced to:  @yumyum_live @thandiphoenix @lfreshthelion for being amazing and raising awareness to your name and sound! 

Thank you very much The Vic on the Park Hotel & Staff, including security. You each were lovely, more than supportive and accomodating towards the local Sydney Soul/HipHop music community. 

Thank you to the sound crew for making each act sound great. Your professionalism of patience was recognised and appreciated for each set! 

Please enjoy the day through these. Photos and videos below:



  Festive SOULPOWER vibes



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