Up & Coming ‘SOUL POWER’ Free Event this Weekend! 


SOUL POWER is the event name . Not a brand.  (so many who contribute to the underground music scene in Sydney and Melbourne donated their time to organise this event to evolve quickly for all to continue to boogie on the 24th October SYDNEY  & on the 25th October Melbourne. 

SOUL POWER is put on by fellow music lovers for the people by the people of Sydney and Melbourne.

It’s a day where all of us as music lovers can dance and listen to local backyard Soul/ HipHop acts. It’s time to celebrate groove together and continue to groove and share positive ‘Soul Power’ and for FREE admission.
This event is to humbly remind you of some of your inner city backyard DJ’s, vocal artists and promoters who put on smaller events which are successful and full of Soul all the time and have for many years.

May we all learn from the cancelled event and be respectful to those hardworking local smaller companies who put in hard work behind the scenes who may have lost a lot financially, not all are to blame.

So may we ‘all’ try to change the frowns from an event loss, to dance the blues away at FREE EVENT SOUL POWER. Stop the negativity and let loose with celebrating your own soul with others.

Attention:  All vocal artists, poets, musicians, dancers,  DJ’s & creative visual artists this is a day for ‘all’ to meet one another and bond so we may get to know one another as a community. Please feel welcome to bring your business cards, press kits or music CD / USB demos to promote your positive conscious music. The only way to grow together as a music community is to build awareness and support of one another! Now that’s ‘Soul Power’    



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