Itineraries, Soundchecks & Smiles

‘Get Mine Tour’ with L-FRESH The LION   Fusion15 Multicultural Street Festival 

Back on our grind on the 2nd National Australian Tour called ‘GET MINE’ with L-FRESH The LION.

The time fast approached us to a wonderful change where we put our ‘stage mind mode’ on from our everyday life and work schedules. 

But of course to arrive at airport to the routine morning refresher of a fresh juice!  

 It’s always a wonderful time to chill & go over certain things we may need to run over before performances & share pure great laughs before our flight, to our performance opportunities.

Wagga Wagga bound…

Our first time together performing in Wagga Wagga. Upon a small plane 1.5 hours away to land to meet our wonderful smiling host Madeleine, she spoils us with breakfast,  before Soundcheck to then showing us around the town, ending up at a gorgeous Wagga Wagga beach which was a river with sand and trees and bbq areas. 

Taking note, a place to remember, when we come back to bring swimmers! 

We sat for 20 minutes just to absorb what we could before heading to hotel to rest, as our performance was at 7pm. We individually separated to our our own rooms, where I enjoy my time doing vocal warmups, stretch and have a peppermint tea and organise my stage clothes and before long a refreshing 1 1/2 hour nap.  

The moment had come where it was time for L-FRESH The LION to introduce his 1 hour set show case to Wagga Wagga community at FUSION15 Multicultural Street Festival.

Look forward in seeing more of you on ‘Get mine Tour’ check the dates and purchase your presale tickets via 

 As we approached venue, we were welcomed with L’s name & time of performance. The slight rain didn’t detour the crowds, they were there with smiles and a resonating positive multicultural aura.

L-FRESH The LION was fast approached with photo requests and signing and the great thing about it is, is the demographic of supportive fans are all ages. This is the great value when doing what we each are passionate about. Seeing the eyes sparkle from new generations and diverse nationalities shows the magic that music brings.

As the light rain tried to stop our crowd from not being close to stage, again the young tweenies were up the front ready dancing, listening and vibing with us as we started the set with Heart The Pen. 

The adults slowly approached the front yet the kids shined so bright the rain stopped. 

1 hour set was done and it was a proud humbling moment again where the crowd yelled for more as we left stage to be approach by Two Triple AAA Wagga Wagga Radio asked to be live, and share words.  
 Thank you FUSION15 and all the wonderful people we met after the performance as we walked around the food part of festival. Always lovely to meet and exchange positive conversations or photos.

Big ups to the sound engineers team  last night, great sound and lovely personalities. You made us sound wonderful.

Look forward in seeing you all at ‘GET MINE TOUR’ during October, November, December 2015 National Australian Tour. PRESALE TICKETS AVAILABLE via 



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