L-FRESH The LION With band member MIRRAH at Wide Open Spaces Festival Feat. guest DJ DIOLA 

Much love to all my fellow Malikahs & Ahki’s who celebrated together in Melbourne on 2nd May in Australia 10th Anniversary. 

I wasn’t able to share the love together there, yet was there in spirit resonating Peace Unity Love and having fun with Power to the Peaceful movement consciously Performing  with artist L-FRESH The LION in Alice Springs.   
A call with no regrets. Our inhouse DJ, DJ MK-1 had an exciting, important  function to attend in Fiji on 2nd May; his sisters wedding. 3-4 months prior we called my homegirl Krystel who is humbly awesome at everything. This woman is a hardworking, passionate music contributed from writing to playing instruments, has a solid hidden vocal talent and knows how to DJ, with mixing and scratching skills and still has a heart who loves to continuously learn as a student of all the above. 

The call was done, then confirmed with excitement and practice with DJ MK-1 to then rehearsals with L-FRESH The LION & myself.

The morning of the 2nd May; DIOLA /MIRRAH  we took off to the train station with eager, excited energy towards the airport together to fly out to Alice Springs to perform our conscious energetic set under the stars upon central soil of Indeginous land with L-FRESH The LION. Wow what a grateful feeling!   

Once on the plane, DIOLA was tuned into her earphones going over set, to then both watching movies. The window plane covers were raised up with curiosity after films, 20 minutes before landing, the beautiful red land resonated it’s natural beauty!

As we sat in awe, we descended upon the tarmac and then exited to meet L-FRESH The LION who had landed 40 mins prior.


Each hugged and was amped to be apart of our first experience of Wide Open Space Festival community. Our individual curiousity was met with fellow artists who have participated in it prior who also was awaiting the tour bus to take us 1.5 hours away to festival location. Our awesome driver with a smile and great informative chats about land marks, took us quickly to see Emily Gap. What a magical feel and natural beauty to be taken away by. 



3 Caterpillars- wall art of the Indigenous Aboriginals.


Being apart of a band which had led me to see Australia has and is such a wonderful experience. The feelings are charged with history and great times to aim us to continue to work hard to then travel the world. 


The Bus ride finally arrived to destination of tents, dust, classic old cars, beautiful Smiles, an array of fun festival costumes of colourful styles. 


 We were escorted to our cabins and rested to then go and have a looks see and support fellow acts. After our delicious vegetarian meal we walked by each performance tent to vibe and hear the awesome bass of TriHop to Electronic, drum and bass, Dub and HipHop, woh what a treat heard in the wide open space of Alice Springs. 

We proceed to the main stage, and prepared the set with the great stage and sound crew which made our sound and voices resonate to the crowd during the live performance. 



A wonderful caring and positive humble festival community to be apart of. An experience I won’t forget. Thank you for making us feel welcome and sharing great conversation and building with you. Scotty, huge respect to you and your crew for an awesome experience. May this experience happen again with the full L-FRESH The LION, 7 piece band.





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