Digital Download available also HardCopy CD to purchase via Paypal 

REFLECT-I-ON Playlist Mixed by Dj MK-1 

Purchase via:

 “A Garden created with imagination, love & care is not a selfish endevour for such delight can be shared by all”-Alex Gardiner

DISCLAIMER: Even though you will have purchased this on PAYPAL. You will recieve your requested Limited & Personally signed HARDCOPY CD by MIRRAH aswell as recieving a digital album via the site provided. This CD will be sent to you in the post PLEASE EMAIL ME YOUR MAILING ADDRESS on: mirrahmusic​@​gmail​.​com​ For those that just want the digital copy, please email me your request, so I ‘don’t’ request your mailing details. Thank you.- 

PAYPAL available

For LOCAL Australian Donations: 
Only $10 plus $5 Postage/ Handling.EMAIL: with ‘your mailing address’ and I will send you my EFT Bank details.

For International Donation and Australians who live overseas and have an Australian bank account: $10 plus $5 for postage/handling

Photo credit : Andrew Fitzgerald 

As an Independent artist, it’s so wonderful to receive loving support by each of you and to add the financial support will DONATE towards my First E.P 2015. For Australians who request to donate towards my product. 
First; I would love to share a HUGE Thank YOU to all who bought my collector personally signed Hard Copy CD of my first long overdue REFLECT-I-ON Mixtape. My music NOW is only available to be purchased from here now for a digital download. 

REFLECT-I-ON | MIRRAH Purchase via:

REFLECT-I-ON Playlist Mixed by Dj MK-1:  Producer Credit: Buckwheat, Marc Kinchen, Byron Hill aka Boogie Man, Micheal Angelo, Chemin, Aaron G, DJ Eko, Keys, Rhythm, DJ Mizzy, Jon Jon, DJ Shareal,  D Wood & ZIG ParkerWriters Credits: ZIG Parker & MIRRAH 

For the first 50 people who are still very supportive & interested in a HardCopy signed CD, I then will order more. PLEASE EMAIL ME on: mirrahmusic​@​gmail​.​com​ I am grateful for my mixtape purchase interest! As a supporter you are my rain and sun that keeps my music blossoming! I harvest my creativity like a farmer, with love, and it comes from my personal roots Thank you.- MIRRAH




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