SO This happened! Live Performance on Triple J

Live Performance on Triple J’s “Like A Version” for L-FRESH The LION

Awwww yeah, the feeling of early morning waking, to perform with my talented and fun group of friends.

I woke up with a big geeky grin, got all Freshhhhhhhhhh and put on my comfortable ‘Power to The Peaceful’ attire, did my hair done did, then put the face on, (bright pink lipstick, blush, eyebrows and eyeliner tick!) To then running to kitchen to cut up Freshhhhh oranges, so sweet and perfect for our lil’ greenroom snack.

I hear the car beep outside and bopped outside with excitement and L-FRESH, DJ A.S.K and I were on our way to our destination….Triple J Studios to meet up with Mike.

The arrival to ABC reception started with a slap of winter crispy cold air to our faces in the ABC foyer to then a welcoming warm human reception by Triple J Staff upstairs! Smiles all round were shared and supportive comments towards L-FRESH. Like an older sister or a proud mom, I love the positive support he is receiving towards his musical goal.

We walked into the greenroom area; brought out the fresh oranges, made herbal Tea and sat around the lil’ table cross legged(we didn’t sing Cuumbaya) we sat with excitement and proud of our dear friend and Artist L-FRESH. The time was ours to prepare and set up for the live performance. As musician/producer of L-FRESH The LION’s Album, Michael McGlynn of Vienna People Studios set up his keys to perform and sing live with us!
An exciting moment as this was the first time we have had the pleasure to have him accompany us with his vocals and live keys. Also were blissed to have pioneer Sydney Turntablist DJ A.S.K invited by resident band DJ, MK-1, as he wasn’t available.

Performance set up was done with a quick rehearsal which made our fun mark that we were ready to do our thing celebrating L-FRESH’s live performance for Like A Version’s Triple J radio Hosts Matt & Alex.

Here is footage for you to view and enjoy!

L-FRESH The LION- “SURVIVE” Feat. MIRRAH, Guest appearance Michael McGlynn Album Producer/Keys (Vienna Peoples) & Guest DJ A.S.K

L-FRESH The LION covers Panjabi MC and Fresh Prince Of Bel Air for Like A version :


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