MIRRAH Reflects Food Segments: WHAT’S TO COOK TM

MIRRAH Loves Food, Eating great Food is the best to Love

MIRRAH Loves Food                                           Eating great Food is the best to Love

 Finally in 2013 I started my FOOD SEGMENTS:


Most recent footage:

Chicken Nuggets: PART 1

Chicken Nuggets: PART 2

TUNA SALAD: http://youtu.be/3HEGVZKpHF0?list=UUOTUqQFgfHAhR6Uzar1_qQA

WHAT’S TO COOK was thought of in 2004 the concept came up when I came home and asked myself “Aww man what’s to cook? What do I have in my fridge, cupboards, do I need to buy anything? How much money do I have, can I afford to buy anything as I’m budgeting?” Normal questions I believe most of us ask ourselves when hungry. Also I remembered a moment when a great friend of mine in L.A a hustling actor for commercial and TV series work was hanging out with me and it was around mid afternoon and we were both hungry at her place and I asked “you got anything you want me to cook, cuz I can make us something” she responded  “girl I don’t have much at the moment in the fridge, there isn’t anything to find to make a meal sorry” oh that made me want to truly see what she had.

I checked the freezer, there was a handful of beef mince, and 3 small packets of frozen mixed veggies, in the fridge she had Ketchup (tomato sauce) and in her cupboards she had 2 cans of kidney beans and 1 small pre-bag of rice to boil plus seasonings for days. So I asked may I use her food and cook, she looked at me like are you serious? I then commenced and made us an amazing tasty meal and presented it as if it was in a restaurant and plonked it in front of her to eat, and she looked at me and shared “wow, girl this looks and smells amazing, she took a bite and eyes opened with yes, this is great and you just taught me something, I have always put in my head that I didn’t have what I desired to eat and never really thought that I can make what I aim to desire. It’s all in the mind and all in my presentation.”

I have always humbly loved to cook what I can only afford but make it tasty and be 100 percent for what it is. It’s not always about the expensive meals, its about the passion you put into your meal and how you present it to yourself. I feel that way exactly about my love, life and my music. I create with inner passion and that makes me smile towards my life on this earth, and I will always remember to accept and be grateful of what may come my way. When I do make money, I invest in myself and invest in healthier meals.

May this food blog always reassure you that a meal can cost $5-$20, it’s putting the passion and taste into it.

My personality is quirky and I hope you get my bad jokes and oh theres some fun singing.




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