L-FRESH The LION Feat. MIRRAH & DJ MK-1 are touring with REMI, Sensible J and Dutch.

I would like to start off with such gratitude towards my music Brotha L-FRESH; in sharing THANK YOU maaan in believing in each band member individually and choosing us all to come together and be apart of your fun music movement. I as your female vocalist and Hypeman am so grateful of each experience we share during rehearsals, performances and tours. On the performance side, such a great time to express and share my personal music aspirations again and to deliver such fun vibrations on stage with you and the full band or just with you and Dj MK-1. Hard work ethics as a team is now celebrated by supportive audiences and what a positive buzz it is to share this experience.

Much Peace and may we grow and continue to spread more positive, fun musical,lyrical vibes in the near future for a long positive time…

REMI -Photo credit Michelle G. Hunder
To Remi and his wonderful tour family; Sensible J, Dutch and Aiden and crew you have made us feel so welcome and I am having a ball with y’all! Thank you with your supportive vibes towards our performances, and merch. This tour is really fun besides the respect between local collaborations of fellow artists building a positive tour together, it’s the laughs, personal conversations and shared experiences during the tour that places the icing on the cake. Respect!

(ALL PHOTOs are available on my official MIRRAH music page http://www.facebook.com/officialmirrahmusic and Instagram: Mirrah Reflects)

Here is my reflection of the tour thus far:

DJ MK-1 and I arrived early and headed to a record collectors warehouse to look around and maybe find a record MK-1 would like. He ended up purchasing a 45″ as I sat with Adelaide HipHop artist DELTA and caught up at his record stall chatting. L-FRESH wasn’t coming to Adelaide till much later in the afternoon so after that adventure we found a lovely Italian restaurant and happily ate great food and then gelato well I ate the gelato lol. We then walked towards our Hotel walking past beautiful Churches, monuments and parks to finally sit in a warmer place, the lobby of the hotel for L-FRESH. At 4pm the link up with him occurred, the laughs and excitement started and entered a comfortable Room to then relax and prepare our minds and body for our routine soundcheck and performance at Rocket Bar.

After sound check, L-FRESH, MK-1 and I walked to a quaint Thai restaurant up the road and shared great conversations about how every human feels individually and expresses in music and how we come together as a community with no color lines to build with a sound vibration or wordplay that bring us all together, and then another deep fun conversation about the evolution of human expression and how it connects to HipHop all before a warm Thai Tom Yum soup or Pad Tai.

We then headed back to support Adelaide’s act TIGRELLA, an expressionist dope artist that performs electronic beats, and vocals with rhymes. Great sound.

It then came to the time where MK-1 plays his tunes to prepare the crowd for L-FRESH The LION. What a fun, great response by Adelaide they turned the party out, loved the crowd participation with our call and response performance and feeling them embrace the lyrics and performance having great smiles directed to us and hands in the air! What a great tour start for us. Felt mad grateful, love seeing the growth from the audience and how people know lyrics of songs and respect the art.

Remi, Sensible J & Dutch raised the roof and what a feeling to see local artists share a stage, rip it up and having Australian audiences celebrate it with us! Love support by our own! It’s so important, this can build up a positive stream of talent to blossom from Australia.

Thank YOU ADELAIDE for making us feel very Welcome!

Once again flew from Sydney and arrived in awesome Melbourne to then drive to Ballarat with L-FRESH & Dj MK-1. After driving to location we exited out of car to be hit by a freezing cold air that made your face go “ohhhhh wow” lol we each scurried towards the entrance of the venue where Sensible J and Dj MzRizk and Amy was, we entered into an intimate venue to start our soundcheck.

After all was done; Remi, Sensible J, Dutch, Aiden and family with L-FRESH, MK-1 and I walked to another Thai spot where we had warm tea and dinner. Such a lovely moment to spit the spit and just vibe together before the performances. We headed back to support the first act WZRDKID, great HipHop vibes with band.

One thing I love about tours is the individual meet and greets. Thank you Ballarat to each of you who we met individually and shared with us supportive comments and bought merch.

Thank you BALLARAT.


Morning of the 11th; I awoke to make L-FRESH and MK-1 a healthy breakfast, an inspired healthy meal by Candice Monique who cooked for me once one morning and I have made it since as my yummy ritual for my tummy. Ingredients: alfalfa sprouts, snow pea shoots, steamed kale with panned mushrooms and lil’ tomatoes with poached eggs and gluten free toast. Oh Yeah…. To then Dj Mk-1 and I catching a train to have our own individual Melbourne adventures travelling by train and tram to meet our own peoples before The CORNER, Melbourne performance. Met up with an awesome friend Chiara who took me out to Fitzroy St. to a lovely cafe Chocolate, Master Chocolater’s to drink Italian Chocolate and in-house macaroons for my belaed birthday celebrations. OH Yeah! To then meet up with dear friend Graff Pioneer KidParis to see his art at The Rose Car park, Fitzroy St.

WOW!!!! 800 + for this SOLD OUT SHOW!! Congrats to REMI… What a feeling to perform to a live as audience who was ready to have fun, be entertained and support each act. Always lovely to see brotha and catch up with Cazeaux O.S.L.O who was on stage with REMI.

As we got on stage you could hear supportive “yewwwwwhhh, yeah’s and L-FRESH supporters hype” to then seeing hands in the air, hearing supportive sing alongs to lyrics and choruses made what we love to do a beautiful welcoming growing feeling in Melbourne. Purely grateful! To then see and be apart of the hard work Remi, Sensible J and Dutch have created! Loved it! It was such a pleasure to meet the friends and family of Remi’s, Sensible J and Dutch. To hang out with photographer & friend Michelle G. Hunder and Dj MzRizk & Amy I always feel Melbourne is my second home and family.

It was great behind the scenes too, to vibe with talented artists of Melbourne.

HOBART: REPUBLIC BAR-12th JULY Morning of, I cooked again a great early lunch to enjoy, spent time with awesome company in Melbourne to then proceed to airport to go to Tasmania. This trip was personally very exciting to me as I have always wanted to go to Tasmania. So the chance to go and to be be able to go there by what I love most, which is perform and music was even more of a bonus! As I was on the plane, with my travelling Teddy Bear which I have had since I was adopted by my parents as a baby we both looked out the window as the plane slowly descended , I saw how beautiful the green land was and just sighed with anticipation. We landed with a bitch slap of 9 degrees air to the face like a baby born slapped upon the buttocks with, welcome you are here lol. To then catching a taxi to Hobart, wow gorgeous x 3.

We exited our cab to a quaint home stay that had history from 19th century, it was a lovely cottage feel, the owner/management Jeff opened the door with a lovely grin and demeanour that made you want to go awww, then hug him, (bliss him…) he showed us to our rooms and made us feel as if this was our personal mansion stay. So after we placed our bags in the room, we sat in a lounge area which had 19th century furniture non dusty nor moth ball smell, with a fire place, and tea, hot chocolate, marshmallows and coffee with biscuits set out and Port upon the table with shot glasses laid out presented as if we should be called Madame and Lords etc. ( none of us drink but made us feel very homely) I think MK-1 tried one and was happy with his hot chocolate with marshmallows I made for us three.

We sat in there set up to relax and prepare for show. To then move out into now 5 degree slap yo face with a cold Antarctic fish on face. The wind hit us also as we walked up a hill for a 5 minute walk to venue… Brrrrrrrrrrrr to a lovely warm small venue where the hype was about to go down 4 hours later. Soundcheck and yummy food was a wrap and then a rest up at hotel before the fun began.

Dj MzRizk performed in between sets in Ballarat, Melbourne and Hobart a delight to have around and as a homegirl we always have a blast sharing fun, hilarious moments with her. We then got to meet Akouo delivering an energetic dj vocal set.

It then was time for DJ MK-1 to set the tone for L-FRESH, the crowd bunched up to the front and erupted when L-FRESH came to the stage and started his poetic introduction to then blasting the stage with lyrical tunes! The crowd loudly responded with eruptive support which blew our minds with surprised happy grateful vibes, they overtook the choruses and we could hear some sing backing samples which are upon songs, so dope that they clearly knew who he was! The set continued on a festive high to then have DJ MK-1 crowd surf for the first time with supportive hands in the air lifting him to the Song “ONE”

HOBART we now know who you are and LOVE you’re welcoming support to L-FRESH THE LIONS Album, Performance and movement! Respect!

Republic Bar continued the night with excitable, supportive vibes to Raw X Infinity Main act REMI, Sensible J and Dutch!

After the performances the meets and greets were really cool, I sat down with locals and chatted for an hour exchanging conversations about their daily lives aswell as mines. Great personal experience, to then sleeping in a comfy bed, We went to be around 3am. I awoke at 8:30am to go on my personal adventure. To awake to texting a fan via Facebook a supportive female I met after the set to meet up for breakfast and show me around Hobart.

Amesha ( finding out she as up and coming career Comedian) was more than lovely, unfortunately her great friend Shannon who I met afterwards to also after our set was still asleep. We met a Marmalade cafe to share a cuppa to then drive to the Port to look at the water and sights, we then picked up L-FRESH and MK-1 and went to breakfast where she spoilt us by buying us an amazing breakfast at Rain Check Lounge. Big ups to Juppy, thank you for your yummy food!

My personal highlight whilst and after each performance is being supported with positive, beaming smiles from women who feel my honest energy and words upon stage. To then meet and receive supportive compliments that prove to myself of my personal hard work of many years doing music to feel proud of those who have mentored, coached me to become the performer I am. Very grateful and don’t take any compliment lightly I keep each one as a blissing and then the inner child in me aims to cherish and mature to become a better artist/performer and human each day to upkeep my personal artistry.

MIRRAH Photo credit: Alex

Our motto in our L-FRESH band team is ‘we are only as good as our last gig’ so may each experience you share with us continue to be a positive one and share a lovely expression of our growth and love for the art that has been given to us

Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Byron we can’t wait to see, perform and meet YOU!!

Lots of Love and Respect for your time in learning about who you are and what we love to reflect through our music together.
MIRRAH ( proud vocalist and female hypeman for L-FRESH THE LION)

PLEASE read below L-FRESH THE LION’s BLOG to to read of his personal experience and perception of this fun REMI RAW X INFINITY TOUR:

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2. http://l-fresh.com/raw-x-infinity-tour-ballarat-melbourne-hobart-summary/


CHECK OUT REMI WEBSITE for MERCH AND TOUR INFO: http://www.remikolawole.com/


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